Zettelkasten notes

Somewhere during my Ph.D. I started to use the Zettelkasten style of note taking. For my research this was quite useful. Now in my programmer life after the Ph.D. it is less usefull as I can clearly see that it geared towards academics.

What is a Zettelkasten?

I’ve written a note on what a Zettelkasten is here.

Public notes

I’ve setup a link between my Zettelkasten repository and this website. When I tag a note ‘public’ it automatically becomes a post on this website. The reason I opted for a tag filter is that I don’t want to publish anything I take a note of. Sometimes these are private, sometimes these are just ramblings. But sometimes, it may be worth something to someone. The major downside of this approach is that there may be broken links. If a note refers to another note which is not public the link wil be served a 404 Not Found.

There is a distinction between regular posts, like this one, and notes coming from the Zettelkasten. The latter all have the tag ‘#public’. To get an overview of these notes you can view this page.


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  2. All public notes.