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01 March 2017 / / Linux
Bit of a late post, but better late than never. FOSDEM 2017 was a nice time, as usual. Didn’t get to every talk I wanted to go to, but did see many interesting talks.Looking at the FOSDEM 2017 post, the first talk I had selected and actually attended was ‘Introduction to A-Frame’. A nice introductory talk about A-Frame. A-Frame being a framework for web based Virtual Reality applications. The inspector part is really neat.
03 February 2017 / / Linux
This is the third year in a row that we are going to FOSDEM. Each year it was blast, and hopfully this one will be too. Of course, the event starts with many nice Belgium beers. Looking forward to that.The talks on saturday and sunday which I will most likely go to are: The Veripeditus AR Game Framework, by Dominik George / Eike Jesinghaus Recently I have formed an intrest in Virtual Reality.
22 April 2014 / / Linux
Few months ago I started experimenting with Linux Volume Manager (LVM). Being encouraged by friends who where already using LVM and showing me how easy it could be to resize partitions, make new ones, etc. My desktop needed reinstalling anyhow, so I figured why not try out LVM right away. Since I had no experience with LVM I let the (K)Ubuntu installer set up LVM for me. It made a /boot as the first partition with a ext2 filesystem.